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Attention Struggling Authors

In the fiercely competitive world of publishing, as a new or unknown author, you find yourself navigating treacherous waters. With low sales and minimal recognition, you struggle to carve out a space for yourself amidst established literary giants.

Despite pouring your heart and soul into crafting a compelling narrative, you face an uphill battle in gaining traction and visibility.

Caught in a sea of books vying for attention, your voice risks being drowned out by the clamor of more established names.

About PCBA

This one-of-a-kind awards program was created by an author who launched her own publishing house to catapult new authors, and now she is going a step further to help independent and self-published authors by putting her seal of approval on their books with The Publisher's Choice Book Awards because Tammy Corwin CEO of Words Matter Publishing knows that an award-winning book carries with it a sense of prestige and credibility, instantly capturing the interest of discerning readers who seek quality and innovation.

It serves as a powerful endorsement, elevating the book above its competitors and granting it the recognition it deserves.

Beyond mere accolades, an award symbolizes validation of your creativity, dedication, and talent, affirming your place among the literary elite.

With an award in hand, your book stands out as a shining gem in the industry, enticing readers with the promise of an extraordinary reading experience that transcends the ordinary.

"You deserve a chance...but the only way to get your chance is to set yourself apart from all the rest of the unknown authors.

You can keep on growing your fan base by a few followers a month, or you can fast-track the process with The Publisher's Choice Book Awards Program."

- CEO of Words Matter Publishing

Why Submit Your Book?

Submitting your book to the Publisher's Choice Book Awards is an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your work and gain the recognition it deserves in the competitive world of publishing. Here's why you should consider entering:

Stand Out in a Crowded Market:
In an industry inundated with books, standing out is essential. The Publisher's Choice Book Awards provide a platform to distinguish your book from the rest, highlighting its quality and excellence.
Gain Credibility and Prestige:
Winning an award from a reputable institution like the Publisher's Choice Book Awards instantly adds credibility and prestige to your book. It serves as a powerful endorsement of your talent and can significantly enhance your reputation as an author.
Expand Your Audience:
Awards draw attention. Being recognized by the Publisher's Choice Book Awards can attract a broader audience of readers, increasing exposure and potential sales for your book.
Boost Marketing and Promotion Efforts:
An award win provides valuable marketing material that can be leveraged across various channels, including social media, press releases, and author websites. It gives you a compelling reason to promote your book and capture the interest of potential readers.
Validation of Your Craft:
Winning an award is a validation of your hard work, creativity, and dedication as an author. It affirms that your book has made a meaningful impact and resonated with readers and industry professionals alike.

In essence, submitting your book to the Publisher's Choice Book Awards opens doors to opportunities for recognition, exposure, and success in the literary world. It's a chance to showcase your talent and take your writing career to new heights.

How to Submit:
  1. Complete this easy online submission form.
  2. Sit back and await your chance to shine on the literary stage!

Join us in celebrating outstanding literary achievements. Submit your book to the Publisher's Choice Book Awards today, and let your book wear the crown of excellence that only a Publisher can award.